Oleanna summary essay

oleanna summary essay

that her efforts are being supported by an on-campus group who advise her actions. John attempts to console Carol by speaking plainly to her, dropping all pretense of the professor-student relationship. Carol's anger comes not from John's treatment of her, but from his seemingly elitist, flippant treatment of higher education. It is during these times that we must focus on what we can do well, and try to direct our goals around those features that make us good at something. John is an exceptional teacher that love to teach and refuse to let the fascist takeover the academic freedom of our education. She is so frustrated that she begins screaming and crying.

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Better Essays 874 words (2.5 pages preview - Critical Analysis of Oleanna The most straight forward gender conflict in the movie Oleanna is that between the Professor and the student. If John and Carol had actually listened to each other, they may have been able to communicate effectively and nothing bad would have come from their meetings. Though John apparently sympathises with her situation, he is eager to get back to his personal matters that require urgent attention - he is about to purchase a new house for himself and his family in anticipation of a likely promotion and a raise. John attempts to explain to Carol how important acquiring a good home is for him and his family and that her complaint to the committee, which will most likely be dismissed, will make him lose his house and his deposit. It can also be viewed that Mamet uses language to oppress others. Free Essays 923 words (2.6 pages preview - Sometimes there are events in our lives that we cannot control.

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