Ganesh festival essay writing

ganesh festival essay writing

auspicious function, competition, and any work to make it successful. Visarjan ( ) is magnificent with people dancing on music and walking towards to river or ocean to immerse the figurines. Our festivals are the part of our rich culture and traditions. Children call him friend Ganesha as He cares and loves children. Group of people prepare pandal to worship Ganesha. In my beloved country, The national festivals as Hala February; it is an annual festival, that is organized by Kuwait city. Festivals is a celebration of life. Out of anger and ignorance that his wife Parvati has created and posted Ganesha to guard the door, lord Shiva beheaded Ganesha.

People enjoy the entire day, taking rest and welcoming the year with all high spirits and enjoyment. People take bath in the early morning on the day of Ganesha Chaturthi, wear clean clothes and worship God. It is something that we all look forward.

At that time he made a ritual of worshipping Ganesha to protect Indians against British rule. It gives us some momentary, mental and physical relaxation and thus frees us from die shackles of monotonous work. Devotees of Lord Ganesha offer prayer, offerings (especially Modak sing devotional songs, recite mantra, do aarti and seek his blessings of wisdom and prosperity. Ganesha Chaturthi is a Hindu festival falls every year in the month of August or September. Lord Ganesha is known as Vighana Harta means remover of all obstacles for devotees and Vighana Karta means creator of problems for devil. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

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People in India worship Ganesha always before starting any new work. They can select any Ganesh Chaturthi essay according to their class standard: Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Essay 1 (100 words). We can divide festivals into three kinds; national, religious and seasonal. God Ganesha is a most favourite God of everyone especially children. The head of the Ganesha fell far away out of the sight. On the last day of the festival, the figurines are submerged in water in the nearby river or in the ocean. Cultural festivals in Malaysia are usually very colourful, exciting. It helps us forget our routine. We will write a custom essay sample.

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