Pollution in big city essay

pollution in big city essay

all over India progressively.e. As for me I can see that more and more factories are built and we are not going to sink in a heap of waste products. Domestic car sales during the year grew.85 per cent to 21, 02,996 units from 20, 25,097 units. By, anton Litvin, moscow 2004. Next problem is that every third person in the street will through away different kind of liter just in the street for different reasons. The main problem of Moscow is the pollution of air. All figures and data given in my work present as it was taken from the official site of Moscow administration.

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These gases trapped the heat in the atmosphere and leading to increase in temperature of mill's essay on liberty earth.e. By the end of March 2017 domestic passenger vehicles (PV) sales were at 30, 46,727 units against 27, 89,208. For example invention of petrol or diesel fuelled vehicles. According to it in Moscow new roads and high ways will be constricted. But as any living area living in a big city has some problems that I will include in my essay. Now it is one of the largest cities in the world with the population more than 9000000 of people. Automobile impact on environment is about 80. CO2 concentration in the air is increasing and reached up to 400ppm at its alarming level.

pollution in big city essay

But as any living area living in a big city has some problems that I will include in my essay.
Pollution in big cities is a huge problem because of automobile exhaust and the use of automobile in big cities is very important.
In addition, to the pollution there other kind.
Pollutions In The City.
Pollution is the act or process of polluting or state of being polluted especially the contamination of soil, water or the atmosphere.

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