Hamlet loves ophelia thesis

hamlet loves ophelia thesis

Ophelia, in which he says to her But that I love thee best, O most best, believe it (2.2.91). "This is a terrible shame, but I'm different, my love for Ophelia is different and pure and I will always be true to her". Another reason why he rejects her is that marriage itself has become abhorrent to him. And to give himself strength, he loses all sense of measure to "outface" Ophelia's brother: He dares him to do crazy things like "eating a crocodile", and like Laertes, wishes to be buried in the young woman's grave, trying here again to outface him. Coping with responsabilities is enormously difficult for him. Thus despite being innocent, Ophelia, too, is partly responsible for her own pathetic madness and death as well as for her beloveds extreme pain. He is confronted to his own freedom of thought. Hamlet is not even a rebel, he doesn't even question the ey are just irrelevant. It is easier to obey the rules of strict religious morals, to comply to those of society without questionning them. Must I serve?" He merely wonders how he, himself, can live on in dishonor.

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hamlet loves ophelia thesis

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It is one of the causes of what Hamlet is after the revelation of the murder of the father. This letter is the clearest proof of Hamlets love for Ophelia. In this Scene, true madness comes into play. (Act III Scene I, Line 150-161). He, who hesitated to kill one person (the king which by the standards of the time would only have been justice, ends up being responsible for the death of many who are innocent (including himself). Her pain is then all the more intense. I think this could be the fact that Hamlet knows people are show more content, another example of Hamlets love for Ophelia is the letter he sends her. His meeting with Ophelia immediately follows his "to be or not to be" monologue. "let them throw / Millions of acres on us, till our ground / Singeing his pate against the burning zone, / Make Ossa like a wart.". It is indeed the dominating trait of weak people. A concern for the common good still exists of course, but it is first and foremost an addition of private, individual interests. Matthew Sandoval Sandoval 1, professor: Jamie.

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