Forty acres essay prompt

forty acres essay prompt

are not eligible for the Forty Acres Scholars Program. Nevertheless, you should spend at least a few sentences discussing each one. If diversity isn't necessarily something you're born with or even something to be acquired, it can be demonstrated by being a decent person who takes a concern for others. Note: When you click on the scholarship application link, you will be taken to a non-Texas Exes website. Your Ticket to the Forty Acres addressing these questions. Applicants can apply even if they have not yet been admitted to The University of Texas at Austin. Why does my MyStatus page still show Apply for Texas Exes scholarships if I already completed my application? Each part of your college application should add a new perspective. Do you have an interest or talent that exposes you to people who share different perspectives? Relate an activity or two that highlights some of your best characteristics or personal traits like determination, active listening, taking responsibility on sports teams and group projects, or how you help others.

Please note: Consideration for.
To ensure consideration for the Forty Acres Scholars Program, potential first-.
Can I use the same essay responses from my ApplyTexas application?
Yes, if you feel your responses adequately answer our prompts, you are welcome.
Ten new Longhorns will start the fall semester as Forty Acres Scho lars.

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I took courses in African and Latin American history with classmates and professors from those regions. Most students selected to receive a Texas Exes scholarship will be notified throughout the month of April and May. Have you spent a few years learning a foreign language and made a meaningful effort to practice or explore it further outside of the classroom? Tell us whom you would invite and why. Students who do not complete the application will be ineligible for scholarship consideration.

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