Should marijuana be legalized pros and cons essay

should marijuana be legalized pros and cons essay

first state to legalize recreational cannabis by way of the state legislature. In the 1930s, marijuana was linked publicly in several research studies, and via a famed 1936 film named "Reefer Madness" to crime, violence, and anti-social behavior. Marijuana Legalization in US States, the map shown below gives you a detailed division of where different states stand on the topic of marijuana legalization. Marijuana abuse can also cause an increase in anger, anxiety, irritability, violent outbursts, etc. Still Fully legal in All 50 States! With legalization comes natalie alfke thesis statement mass availability and increased consumption which can lead to the following issues. While this may be considered a hypothesis, it is based on hard facts. With legalization there is a possibility of increased consumption of the drug which is also a cause of concern. President has supported the decriminalization of marijuana, not even President Barack Obama, who, when asked at a March 2009 online town hall about marijuana legalization, laughingly demurred, "I don't know what this says about the online audience. It is often said that marijuana has medicinal value, and could be a valuable asset to those who have undergone chemotherapy for cancer, or other patients with aids.

Not only will legalizing create revenue but it dis-unite new york times essays will also create jobs. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Rep. While there are behavior-based roadside sobriety tests designed to indicate impairment from marijuana, these are considered too subjective by some compared to a physiological test. Achieving a DUI conviction for drivers who actually are driving under the influence of marijuana can be more difficult to achieve than a DUI for alcohol as a driver can test positive for marijuana use up to a month after use while a simple breath. The coalition grew powerful, leading to the 1980s "War on Drugs." The Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Act of 1978 : By passing this act in its legislature, New Mexico became the first state in the Union to legally recognize the medical value of marijuana. Based on an estimated average cost of 5 per illegal marijuana cigarette,. Glenn Beck and CNN's Jack Cafferty have publicly questioned the billions spent each year fighting the endless war against drugs per the San Francisco Chronicle in 2009.

With legalization of marijuana come several advantages and disadvantages. While under the federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970, marijuana is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug (drugs that have no accepted medical use research shows that the drug could be useful in a variety of medical issues.

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