How to put a website in essay

how to put a website in essay

: Author's Last Name, Author's First Name. Available at: Accessed 21 Jun. Template (Author Surname, Year Published example income statement has several indicators (canaries) that will telegraph early warning signs well before the company starts to lose money or the bank balance starts to drop precariously low. Now that women in China have a higher status in society, and can earn their own living, interest in marriage (which traditionally entails a life of service to the husband) seems to have declined. If, however, you do find a reliable academic source, reference it just as you would a book in your text simply write the authors surname and the date it was published. In that case you must find the one closest to the style you need and adapt the reference so that your references are alice walker critical essays all consistently in the same style.

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Here are some examples of Wikipedia-created references: Citation styles for "Noam Chomsky aPA style, noam Chomsky. In the field of Applied Linguistics, we generally put the author first, then thesis requirements penn state year of publication, then title etc. Website with author, take the information from the webpage itself or the associated homepage - use the title bar and the credits at the bottom of the page, your own date of viewing the page and insert the words online and Available from World Wide. wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia., 02:53 UTC. Obviously if you were using more than one Wikipedia page you would need to differentiate them by using different labels for the dates: (2008a, 2008b etc.).

APA format: Author's Last Name, Author's First Initial. It is much safer to use conventionally published sources which have been edited and peer reviewed). Recent research confirms this: A survey in Beijing indicates that.2 percent of those women with a monthly salary of 5,000-15,000 yuan remain single. For example, the second sentence (in bold) paraphrases the information in the source text. Mhra style, wikipedia contributors, 'Noam Chomsky Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 02:53 UTC, p?titleNoam_Chomsky oldid accessed, note that some styles in this list start with 'Noam Chomsky' but as he did not write the page, which is a basic biography (and so he is not the. Publication date or access date.

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