India developing country essay in hindi

india developing country essay in hindi

our whole system sucks. I think as a nation, we have miles. The importance of agriculture and allied activities in the Indian economy has somewhat declined during the five decades of economic planning. As far as India is concerned, we might score very highly in terms of growth of physical infrastructure, but most of the public places are inaccessible to people with disabilities. Gradually annexed by and brought under the administration of the British East India Company from the early 18th century andadministered directly by the United Kingdom from the mid-19th century, India became an independent nation in 1947 after a struggle for independence that. Developing countries Mortality strata The mortality strata method classifies countries based on statistics for child and adult mortality. The young Indian faces challenges stretching from a poorly administered education system to the lowest average wage rates in the world. Especially the female gender who are doing their secretions in public places. Supreme Court passed a ruling that no person with more than 2 kids will be eligible for a position in the village panchayats. You May Also Find These Documents Helpful. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Is India Still Developing Country specifically for you.

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Even in the South Indian states where the Quality of Education has got decreased.
Any country will not be considered as a developed country with this Problem?

When you check the countryside sometimes it is like going back in time 100 years or more. India India Located in southern Asia which is the largest South Asian subcontinent has diversity and. And the most sufferers are Middle class family people. Lack of Basic Needs: The most burning problem for India is the growing population hence the basic needs like shelter, food, clothings are away for so many people.  However, this measure ought to be applied with caution since it might lead to human resource crisis and hence economic crisis in the future. Because even while they may keep their religious faith and customs privately (and why shouldnt they? Britishers ruled India for 200 yrs and did all type of exploitation. While it is the home of the famous Taj Mahal and Himilayas, in it's capital New Delhi lives.72 million residents out of the massive (approx.) 1,220,800,359 people who reside.

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Not surprising at all. It is undeniable that India has an elaborate health magnetic bearing research paper pdf system but it is not accessible to every citizen at relatively affordable rates. India had 2 start from zero after that. Where the rich are becoming richer. As per the 2011 census, India has about.7 million people with disabilities, and only a handful of those enjoy education and/or employment. Therefore, until this problem is addressed comprehensively, Indias quest for being a developed country will remain elusive. However since there has been a steady decline in the share of agriculture and allied activities in the gross domestic product and it was.6 per cent in 2000-01. There a few billionaires relative to the countrys population who cannot afford basic needs. Now that is an easy way to clean the mess we have at the center.

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