Election day essay

election day essay

not considered especially close to Putin. Kasowitz Trump's longtime personal lawyer. Millian denies that he played this role. That should not be normal. In an element of tabloid flair, it was soon reported that the emails in question were found on a computer owned by Anthony Weiner, the former congressman, as part of an investigation into whether hed sent sexually explicit messages to teenage girls. And they didnt consider how their own actions might influence the outcome and invalidate their assessment. According to legal papers, Firtash was involved in real estate deals with Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates, including a failed Manhattan project in 2008. This means not only that Trump will be able to move fast but also that he will become accustomed to an unusually high level of political support. The newspapers editors and reporters thought Clinton had the election in the bag. Senator Bernie Sanders was only slightly more cautious, vowing to try to find the good in Trump: To the degree that.

And there was a risk that people looking at statistical forecasts were misreading them and rounding up a probable Clinton win to a sure thing. Megyn Kelly Trumps Hollywood star vandalized 27 Trump campaign palace intrigue Trump campaign palace intrigue 28 Oregon/Ammon Bundy standoff Comey letter/Clinton emails 29 Comey letter/Clinton emails Comey letter/Clinton emails 30 Comey letter/Clinton emails Comey letter/Clinton emails 31 Comey letter/Clinton emails Comey letter/Clinton emails Nov. 6 and which announced that the emails on Weiners laptop hadnt turned up anything new hurt Clinton because it put FBI, Clinton and email back in the headlines. 20 Debate recap Will Trump accept election results?

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And yet, from almost the moment that Trump won the White House, many mainstream journalists have been in denial about the impact of Comeys letter. The second falsehood is the pretense that America is starting from scratch and its president-elect is a tabula rasa. Or one could argue for a larger impact from the Comey letter. For all the admiration Trump has expressed for Putin, the two men are very different; if anything, there is even more reason to 12th grade essay prompts listen to everything Trump has said. Why was the Times giving Comeys letter such blockbuster coverage and at the same time going out of its way to insist that it wouldnt affect the outcome? Rule #4 : Be outraged. We also have a lot of other evidence of shifting preferences among voters in the waning days of the campaign. Is an online persona linked to the GRU and used perhaps by more than one individual to publicize hacked materials.

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