Briefly describe mather's essays to do good

briefly describe mather's essays to do good

of doktoranden-netzwerks thesis infant schools as follows: 'Infants' Schools contemplate the training of children between the ages of two and six years. (Sections 1-10) (ii) By 1870 the value and significance of separate infant schools or of infant classes within the elementary day schools were generally recognised, and the adoption of the age of five as the lower limit for obligatory attendance at public elementary schools. (1) (b) General records of children's development, etc. The teaching can have no greater assistance than through the constant practice of the Christian virtues in the daily life of the school. To this we have already referred in some detail, and our general conclusion is given in section. During the period up to the age of two certain habits must be acquired, and the process may be of great significance for the child's future social development. 'What we say is, generally, that you are to consider the children between the ages of three and five as capable of going to school, and capable of bringing a grant; but it does not at all imply that the accommodation in every case. Randle, Miss DM, Head Teacher, Ingle Street County Infant School, Leicester.

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The means in use at some of the infants' schools, and others that are recommended, are, 1st, a well-ventilated and lofty school-room; 2nd, muscular motion, introduced both into their lessons and their page 14 amusements; 3rd, easy gymnastic exercises, adapted both for the open air. A little child needs food, sleep, exercise, fresh air and cleanliness, and this 'nurture essential for his development, should not be even partially withdrawn at the early age of five. It is therefore most important that children under the age of seven should not be expected to read small print or indeed to do any close work for long periods. Hall, Miss MI, Head Teacher, Brandon County Infant School,. In this way the antithesis between work and play will not exist for the child; both alike will be for him forms of welcome activity. Jones, Miss FK, Head Teacher, Victoria County Infant School, Wrexham. JH Pestalozzi, Letters on early education addressed to JP Greaves, Esq., translated from the German manuscript, London, 1827. Page 29 (1927 though the nomenclature has been slightly altered. Up to the present the number of nursery schools erected has been too small and of too varied a character to enable a fair average cost to be"d, but it is clear that the nursery school has in the past generally cost considerably more.

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