Why i want a wife main thesis

why i want a wife main thesis

writer would be bound by a set of constraints prior knowledge, attitudes, ideas, beliefs that the writer must appeal to or invoke to connect with the audience and achieve his or her purpose or effect. Has been active in the women's movement since 1969. Definition Essay written in Descrpitive mode. Even though the role of wives has come a long way since the early 70s, the general outline still remains: care for the husband and kids and to maintain the house.

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Reiterating of words such as I want., child, food, house, needs, wives dutiesetc. The main examples given in the story show more content, logos of the article: The author arguments are apparent in her article. Why I Want a Wife Introduction 2/This article was written in 1972. While repeating the issues that relating with her own life, she is direct in details. To take care of the writer and the children wen the family is on a vacation. By this point, the females would have had time to peak at their jobs and remain a steady pace when the child is brought into the world. Fulfilling the physical needs To keep the house clean. Most women have jobs and hardly considered housewives. Pathos, brady has made use of pathos with the purpose of making the audience sympathise with her understand her emotions and feelings. Conclusion Judy Brady wrote this essay to highlight the inequality suffered by wives because of the selfish and traditional viewpoint of their husbands. Does it still describe the role of most wives today?

About the essay and its purpose. Tone is humorous, repetition, brady has used several repetitions to get the reader's attention. To make sure the children are fed and ready for bed early before guests arrive. Shows what in her life she wants and pictures a sexist part of how men think what they are going to get out of their wives.

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