Netflix investment thesis

netflix investment thesis

pay has received plenty of attention from labor rights organizers, media outlets and inspired populist movements like Occupy Wall Street, investors should be just as criticalif not more sothan these groups. They should be hard to manipulate, but mostly, they should be aligned with shareholdersnot against shareholders). In 2015, he made 33 million. High CEO pay is nothing new. According to research from the Economic Policy Center, in 2016, CEOs in Americas largest firms made an average.6 million in compensation, or 271 times the annual average pay of the typical worker.

It could have doubled-down on its investment in renewable energies or even electric cars. At this point, you might be asking: Whats a better way to structure CEO pay? The point is, incentives for CEOs are out of date. But the party wont stop even in his retirement: Immelt stands to earn a 211 million payout in retirement, according to Fortune.

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Obviously, the concept of pay-for-performance is fairly straightforward. Gross profit : We have found that in disrupted verticals, the best way to correlate business success is to analyze both sales growth and gross profit. One current shareholder problem is that many companies fail to break out organic versus inorganic growth. Thats not bad for a CEO whose performance recently produced this. Heres what I would propose: Executives should basics of write an essay pdf be paid on organic revenue growth, gross profit, and operating earnings (coupled with the elimination of per share incentives mentioned above).

Why these three metrics? Right now, the current incentive model for most publicly-traded companies is built around hitting short-term milestonesspecifically earnings per shareincluding. But by the 1980s, the concept of shareholder value maximization became in vogue, and compensation experts began to make the case that without compensation incentives tied directly to stock price metrics, corporate managers and CEOs would fail to maximize shareholder wealth. In 2015, Reuters published a damning report that found that executives are using stock repurchases to enrich themselves at the expense of long-term corporate health, capital investment and employment. CEOs are getting historically rich by chasing quarterly earnings per share targets to the detriment of shareholders, particularly index funds investors, pension funds, and unsophisticated investors. And if valuation models are being disrupted, then we need redefine and re-structure CEO pay models as well. No more per share metrics: Pay executives based on business earnings, not per share earnings. Buybacks at GEWorm Capital / SEC Filings.

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